This blog will detail ten main reasons you should get your caravan serviced annually, including safety, roadworthiness (a legal requirement) and ensuring that your warranty on a new tourer isn’t voided.

1. Have Your Caravan Serviced to Maintain Roadworthiness

Caravans are popular with keen campers and holidaymakers because they offer an affordable way to enjoy exploring new places.

They can also have several advantages over traditional camping, such as more amenities and a restroom. However, they do need regular servicing to maintain roadworthiness, and this matters because caravans are classed as motor vehicles.

It’s a legal requirement to have your caravan serviced regularly, and failure to do so could land you a fine. Here are some tips to help you with creating a solid maintenance plan for your caravans and campers:

  • Keep It Clean: You should try to keep your caravan clean all year around if possible, removing any debris and cleaning any moss or algae that might have started to appear. You should also consider investing in a caravan cover. This can help to repel moisture and keep out leaves and other debris that can cause damage. The only downside to a caravan cover is that they are not easy to put on and doesn’t tend to last very long if left out in bad weather conditions.
  • Check Your Plumbing: The water pump and waste pipe should undergo routine inspections, and any moving parts should be lubricated. It’s a good idea to get a freshwater hose and check for any damage inside the hose after filling your water tank.
  • Change the Fluids: The engine oil, gearbox, and brake fluid should all be checked or changed as necessary. Replacing your engine oil and brake fluid is relatively simple and should be carried out by a professional mechanic if you aren’t sure what to do.
  • Gas Bottles and Connections for Appliances: Servicing caravans means checking your gas bottle connections to check if there are any leaks. Check the gas level in your appliances, such as the cooker, if you recently had your gas bottles replenished.
  • Battery Maintenance: It’s easy to forget your caravan’s leisure battery, but it’s crucial to maintain it. Check that the connections are secure and have no corrosion on them. You can test the battery using a multimeter or a hydrometer.
  • Check the Tyres: Before embarking on a trip to have your caravan serviced (or any journey), check the tyre pressures and tread depth. If the tyres are worn, you will need to repair them before your holiday, which might be costly.
  • Check the Chassis: The chassis is the structure where the axles and wheels are attached to the caravan and are particularly essential if you’re driving long distances or towing trailers. Take care of this part by keeping it clean and checking the bolts for tightness. The suspension should also be examined for leaks and adjusted correctly.
  • Windows and Doors: Examine the windows and doors for any cracks or scratches, fix any that need to be restored and ensure that they close correctly.
  • Locks and Security Devices: It is vitally important that the locks on your caravan are in good working order. Be sure to check that any security devices on the doors and windows are in working order too.
  • Prepare Yourself: Check you have all your documentation and insurance certificates for the caravan service.
  • Booking a Service: When booking service for your camper or touring van, ensure it’s carried out by a suitably qualified technician using genuine parts.

These are just some things to help you be ready when you take your caravan for routine maintenance.

By following these tips, you can hopefully avoid any problems or mishaps during your service appointment and, more importantly, help keep your caravan roadworthy.

2. Service Your Caravan to Keep Your Warranty Intact

If you’re buying a new caravan or motorhome, you’ll want to service it regularly to keep your warranty valid.

Not all manufacturers have an exact service schedule, but it is possible to get a rough idea of how often you should service a caravan or motorhome. You can expect to take it in for a service every year or two.

One of the best ways to determine if your servicing needs are in line with the warranty is to speak with your camper or motorhome manufacturer. If unsure, it’s best to check directly with the manufacturer.

Most of the time, the manufacturer or dealer will be able to advise you when you should take your caravan in for a service, but remember to always take your schedule and warranty certificate with you, just in case.

3. Avoid Costly Repairs by Getting a Service Plan

Certain manufacturers offer a service plan with their caravans. This contract entitles the holder to regular service at a nominated dealership or workshop.

This contract usually covers some or all of the cost of any engine and gearbox mounts, wheel bearings, suspension, and brake servicing. Of course, terms and conditions will always be around this kind of service plan, such as locations and availability.

It’s not always easy to find a workshop that will service your vehicle, and it’s always a good idea to compare different prices before committing to any plan. Servicing is essential for all caravans. Even if you’re not going in for a service or having a recall, it is still critical to take measures to maintain your caravan by keeping it clean. You should also check the tyre pressures and perform a basic inspection periodically.

4. Servicing Your Caravan Can Increase Its Resale Value

A caravan is a recreational vehicle for road trips and camping.

A caravan can be expensive to own, so maintaining it is critical to raising its resale value. In the most basic sense, you will need to service the caravan to keep it roadworthy.

You will also need to replace parts that wear out over time, such as the tyres and the caravan’s battery. Your caravan will have a higher resale value and appeal more to potential buyers if you keep it tidy.

5. An Annual Service Will Pick Up on Any Issues Before They Become a Problem

An annual service will pick up on issues before they become a problem.

If your vehicle has an issue while driving, it can be dangerous and inconvenient. Regular maintenance allows problems to be identified and repaired before they become serious, keeping you safe, comfortable, and on schedule for your journey.

It’s a good idea to have your caravan serviced if repairs or part replacements are required. For instance, it’s important to frequently change the engine oil and filters to prevent expensive engine damage.

6. You Might Not Be Covered by Insurance If You Don’t Get Your Caravan Serviced

Caravans are a popular form of transport.

However, many caravan owners aren’t aware they’re breaking the law if they don’t get their caravan serviced. Caravans require registration, insurance, and servicing, so if you own a caravan, you must receive an annual inspection to comply with the law.

Otherwise, you face a fine. Many caravan owners don’t realise this, but it’s easy to avoid this problem by getting an annual inspection.

7. Getting Your Caravan Serviced Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Owning a caravan can be expensive if you use it frequently.

To keep it in good condition, you’ll need to get it serviced every couple of years. However, servicing a caravan can save you money in the long run.

That’s because caravans that are properly maintained can last decades. Maintaining a caravan will also reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and costly repairs.

Servicing a caravan saves you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs and increasing your caravan’s lifespan.

8. An Annual Service Is a Legal Requirement for Some Types of Caravan

In the UK, there is a legal requirement for some caravans to have an annual service.

If you live in Wales and own a caravan or motorhome, you must obtain an annual inspection and certificate proving that your caravan is safe and roadworthy. Additionally, your caravan or motorhome must undergo an annual inspection to maintain the road tax if you reside in England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.

If you do not comply with the law, you could be fined.

9. You Can Get Your Caravan Serviced While You’re on Holiday

Caravan holidays are becoming more and more popular in Europe.

Unlike regular camping, caravan holidays allow people to stay in modern caravans with all the conveniences of home. Guests also often have access to hot showers, electricity, and other facilities.

However, caravan holidays have their downsides too. For example, caravans can be expensive and inconvenient.

Moreover, caravans are bulky and difficult to transport to campsites. Luckily, caravan owners can have their caravans serviced while on holiday.

Caravan servicing shops are easy to find in most European towns and cities. Caravan owners can drop off their caravans and pick them up when they’re done.

No matter where you are in the world, you can use this to ensure that your caravan is secure and capable of travelling on the road.

10. Northam Farm Caravan Sales Offers a Comprehensive Service Plan

A vital aspect of caravan ownership is periodic maintenance.

If you own a caravan covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, you must get your yearly service conducted to keep that protection. Similarly, owners of somewhat older caravans should ensure that the utilities and safety systems are reliable and meet safety regulations.

At Northam Farm Caravan Sales, we offer a comprehensive service plan for your caravan. To book a service, you can just fill in the form on our servicing page. We only require your basic information, so it shouldn’t take long to fill out the form.

For more information about our services and pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


As you can see, there are many good reasons to get your caravan serviced annually.

At Northam Farm Caravan Sales, we offer a comprehensive service plan to care for your caravan’s primary servicing needs. Contact us today to find out more or to book your caravan in for a service.