If you own a caravan, nothing should be prioritised more than keeping it safe and secure. This means you can enjoy your trip while feeling safe without worries of theft, either of personal belonging from inside your tourer, or of the caravan itself.

There are a few things you can do to help minimise these risks and anxieties, allowing you to enjoy your trip worry-free instead. In this article, we will walk you through some easy ways that you can increase the security of your caravan.

Check Your Alarm Systems

Alarms are essential to have in any van to help prevent theft of your valuables and deter criminals who may be thinking of breaking in.

Most caravans will have multiple alarm systems in place to maximise security, both in-built car alarms and additional security measures. If you have not already installed alarms in your tourer, look at installing motion detectors that can be turned on and off for the inside of the van, the windows, and the doors. Even simple magnetised alarms can be effective at protecting against theft.

Once you have alarms, you also need to check the alarm systems regularly, and definitely before you have a big trip planned. If you don’t, alarms could easily be faulty or out of batteries without you realising.

Don’t Geotag Your Caravan Photographs

Geotagging photographs of your caravan on social media may not seem as obvious, but not doing this is also essential in helping prevent theft.

Anyone who is looking to steal items from your tourer, or from your caravan itself, will be able to see where it is located if you geotag your photos with a marked location. This points thieves directly to your tourer, providing them easy access to your valuables. As much as you would love to share with friends and family where you are on your trip, it is advisable not to do so.

Revisit Your Insurance Policy

When purchasing your caravan, you should have taken out an insurance policy to protect your tourer and the belongings you store inside it. Unlike car insurance, caravan insurance is not compulsory, but if you have not bought a policy already we advise you to do so.

If you are covered by financial protection, revisit your policy to see what eventualities you can and cannot claim on. Shop around for a more thorough policy so that if despite your best security efforts your caravan does get broken in to, you can rest assured that you have some financial protection.