With caravanning seeing a rise in popularity here in the UK, more and more holidaymakers are choosing to buy their own tourer for breaks closer to home.

But before you head out to purchase a caravan of your own, here are a few things that anyone new to touring should know plus a few tips to help get your new hobby off to a flying start.

Choosing the right caravan

To make sure you make the right choice, familiarise yourself with the various layouts of touring caravans before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Many people feel tempted to buy the first caravan they see in their price bracket, but it really does pay in the long term to take a look at different layouts to find the one that works best for your needs.

Also, make sure that you do a little prep work and read up on common problems some caravans could potentially have before you head off for a viewing. You’ll need to be aware of any warning signs of damp or poor electrics to avoid buying a tourer that will require repairs.

Towing tips

Towing a caravan for the first time can be daunting for beginners, so take your time and get used to towing your tourer on a practice run before heading off on holiday.

Choose a time that the roads nearby will be relatively quiet and hitch up your tourer for a test run. This will give you the opportunity to adjust your mirrors and give you the chance to get used to the new dimensions of your vehicle and tourer before hitting main roads and motorways.

Maintenance and storage

Like most things, caravans need maintenance and looking after if you want to be able to enjoy them for many years to come, so make sure that you have a few items to keep your caravan clean both inside and out.

Once you’ve selected your tourer and have bought it home, you’ll also need to make sure that you have an adequate space to store it and let your insurance company know what extra precautions you’ll be taking to discourage thieves.

Most tourers come with alarms as standard, but the safer you can keep your purchase the lower your premiums will be, so it’s a good idea to explore all of your safety and storage options.

Clubs and sites

There are plenty of caravan sites dotted all over the UK and beyond, but finding the site that suits your needs takes a little research.

You could join a local caravan clubs for access to member-only sites, but we recommend joining groups on Facebook first to see recommendations from other caravanners. They will be able to provide you with impartial, unbiased reviews on the sites you are interested in without having to join a club beforehand.