If you love holidays, but never quite know where you want to stay, it can be difficult to truly enjoy your time off and relax. Although there are popular options like Airbnb and hotels that you could stay in, these options aren’t for everyone as they have their own downsides. If you want to find the best alternative to Airbnb without all the trouble, then Northam Farm Caravan Sales Ltd may be able to help you. 

Here, we have a wide range of new and pre-owned caravans and holiday homes that could be the perfect alternative to Airbnb and other lodgings. You get to make these spaces your own, and even rent them out to travellers as part of a business to set up your own version of Airbnb where you are the one in control. 

To find out more about what Northam Farm Caravan Sales Ltd can offer you, and why we offer the best alternative to Airbnb, keep reading. 

Understanding What Airbnb is

Airbnb, or ‘air bed and breakfast’ first started back in 2008 and has since made immense strides in today’s ever-changing travel industry. This service allows property owners to rent their spaces out to travellers who are looking for somewhere to stay that isn’t a hotel or something similar. 

Depending on the property, you might be able to rent a single room, several rooms, or even the whole property. As such, Airbnb has become very popular for all kinds of people and may be used beyond travelling, like holding special and unique events. 

Why is Airbnb so Popular?

What makes Airbnb so popular? The simple reason for why Airbnb is as well-loved as it is can be simplified to the fact that it allows travellers to have a unique and authentic travel experience wherever they go. By renting out rooms or properties, you are giving people the chance to ‘live a day in the life’. 

Most of Airbnb’s guests are millennials (making up roughly 60%), and younger travellers are often on the lookout for new experiences that are off the beaten track. Rather than staying at a hotel in the city centre, it may be more appealing to rent an Airbnb room on a farm somewhere and get a completely different experience. 

We admit, it’s hard to argue with opting to sit back and relax in a different kind of home when you are on holiday. With that being said, though, guests are not afraid to speak out about some of their Airbnb stays and the catastrophes that they turned out to be, and hosts also experience their fair share of nightmares.

Airbnb also offers experiences that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. More and more property owners are turning their properties into unique attractions, like Shrek’s Swamp or Barbie’s Malibu Dream House. However, it’s easy to be disappointed with your booking when you arrive and the reality is so far from what you were promised.  

Who is the Biggest Competitor to Airbnb?

There are several big competitors to Airbnb, including Expedia, Booking.com, and Vrbo. For those at the higher end of the market, popular competitors include Plum Guide, Top Villas, and Marriott Homes. 

However, with every year that passes, more and more competitors are raising their heads and giving Airbnb a run for their money. The great thing about this is that you could become a competitor, too, if you want to rent out rooms or properties for travellers. 

You can learn a lot from Airbnb, as they have proven to be a huge success and navigated many hurdles over the years. However, the possibilities are endless, and you can explore them when you have your own property to use for your own purposes.  

The Best Alternative to Airbnb

The Best Alternative to Airbnb

A lot has changed over the last few years, and people have adapted to a different way of life. Now more than ever, travellers and holidaymakers are looking for their own slice of heaven where they can sit back, relax, and watch the world go by. 

Because of this, Northam Farm Caravan Sales Ltd poses a thriving opportunity to experience what you’re looking for without all the hassle. Where Airbnb often comes to tensions between hosts and guests, and disappointments with the overall experience, this wouldn’t be the case with Northam Farm. 

Why? Because holiday homes and caravans are all about you. We want you to truly enjoy your holidays, or even give others the chance to enjoy them through you. 

With Northam Farm Caravan Sales Ltd, you can own your own perfect holiday home so that it’s perfect for your every need. Or you can set up your own business, following the idea of Airbnb, but making it a more pleasant experience. When you own your own holiday home or caravan, you have the chance to be on both sides. 

See What Else Northam Farm Caravan Sales Has to Offer

At Northam Farm Caravan Sales Ltd, we offer a wide range of caravans and holiday homes for everyone’s needs. With our stunning locations and top-quality products and services, you can say goodbye to the pain of previous holiday problems. 

There’s nothing better than being able to travel where you like and have a comfortable home in tow wherever you go. Whether you want to live in luxury in your own holiday home or caravan, or you want to rent out your property to other travellers, it’s possible with our range. 

New and Pre-Owned Caravans

Find our range of new and pre-owned caravans to find your perfect fit. We have caravans of all sizes to suit your individual needs, at prices that you are going to love. For those who need some extra help, we also have financial plans to help spread the cost, so you can enjoy your next holiday without having to worry about hefty up-front payments. 

Parts & Servicing

You can go beyond just buying your next caravan from us, but we can help you take care of it, as well. With warranty and repairs, servicing, and a range of parts, your caravan is going to be with you for a long time after your purchase. 

New and Pre-Owned Holiday Homes

With holiday homes in Northam Farm, Little Haven, Three Acres, The Paddocks, and Mendip Park, we have a location to suit everyone. These holiday homes will breathe some fresh life into you, and allow you to really sit back and relax, enjoying the amenities that Bream and Berrow have to offer. 

Organise Your Next Getaway Today

At Northam Farm Caravan Sales Ltd, we have guides and information on all things holiday-related. Looking for your dream holiday home? We can help! If you want to find out how to turn your holiday home into a profitable investment, we can tell you how. 

Our expertise means that we can help you with anything you might need regarding holiday homes or caravans – from picking the perfect static home to the pitfalls to avoid when financing your caravan. If you own a caravan and want to do some DIY maintenance, we’ve even got guides on that, too. 

Our range of new and pre-owned caravans and holiday homes mean that you can find the perfect fit for you, and have your own slice of heaven. So, if you are in the market for a sanctuary of your own and want to organise your next getaway, why not opt for the best alternative to Airbnb and get in touch with us today?