What happens when I arrive?

To ensure that we give you our best attention on the day we handover your new caravan we pre-book your handover time. Please arrange to arrive shortly before your allocated time; this will ensure our engineers have plenty of time to show you how your new caravan works! Handovers are arranged between Tuesday and Saturday (midday) only. If you are delayed on your journey to Northam Farm please ring and let us know as this will allow us to reschedule if necessary to minimize any inconvenience to you and to others who are collecting on the same day!

We have a dedicated Customer Hospitality area where you are welcome to enjoy a one or two night stay as our guests. Here you will be able to try out your new caravan with the reassurance that we are on hand to advise and assist if required. If you are part-exchanging, your current caravan can be sited alongside so you can ’change over’ at your leisure. We know, from experience, that this can take much longer than you expect!

If we have not already viewed your part-exchange caravan we will carry out a short inspection when you arrive to ensure that it is as described to us at the time your order was placed. This will involve a check for damp (water ingress) and also for visible damage to both the exterior and interior of the caravan. A revaluation of the part-exchange allowance may result from this inspection.

Paying for your caravan

Our preferred method of payment is by way of Debit Card (Delta/Switch/Maestro etc.) as this is both quick and easy! We also accept Bankers Drafts or Building Society cheques payable to Northam Farm Caravan Sales Ltd. Personal cheques can only be accepted by prior arrangement and a period of 10 working days should be allowed for clearance. Cash is accepted but due to money laundering regulations only up to a maximum of £7,500 per transaction. Credit Cards are not accepted.

Purchases on Black Horse Caravan Finance

If we have arranged finance for you please bring with you your ‘credit card’ style Driving Licence or, if you hold the old type paper licence, please bring this. This is required by the Finance Company as proof of your identity. If you do not hold a current UK Driving Licence please advise our Sales Team before you arrive so we may advise you of acceptable alternative proofs of identity. Please note that we cannot release the caravan to you until the finance company’s requirements have been fully satisfied.

Part-Exchanging your Caravan

Please bring with you your ‘Touring Caravan Registration Document CVR/6’ (see attached example) these were issued for all caravans manufactured from 1992 onwards plus your caravans Owners Manual, Service Records, keys & alarm fobs, water pump, mains lead, tables, bunk cushions and ’fall-out’ boards, privacy curtains, spare wheel, leg winder and any other items that formed part of the original Manufacturers specification including a radio/CD player, television or microwave oven!


We request that your call the Sales office to inform us of this cancellation, and also sent confirmation in writing to sales@northamfarm.co.uk or to our postal address above. If you cancel the order, your liability to cover our reasonable net costs is set out in the terms and conditions on the reverse of the order form.

Insuring your Caravan

We are not insurance agents and have no financial arrangement with any insurer for the introduction of business to them. We have attached a list of insurers who we understand can help. We are unable to make recommendations.

Number Plates

Please bring a number plate with you which we will fit to your new caravan.


We have a dedicated Aftersales Support Team that will look after your caravans future servicing and warranty requirements. Insurance and bodywork repairs are also carried out and a range of accessories and spares are available. Aftersales contact details; Tel: 01278 751244 (option 4) and email: aftersales@northamfarm.co.uk.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and for choosing Northam Farm Caravan Sales Ltd for your caravan purchase.


  • Gas bottle & regulator – As we are only able to offer an exchange service for Calor Gas bottles please make sure you have obtained a cylinder before you arrive on site. Caravans built from 2004 have a built in regulator otherwise you will need the appropriate fitting for the bottle you use. If you are likely to use your caravan during the colder times of year then Propane (red cylinder) should be considered to ensure a continued gas supply at lower temperatures, otherwise Butane (blue cylinder) is adequate. The maximum cylinder size should be 6kg Propane or 7kg Butane. Please check with your local gas supplier for further advice.
  • Battery – It is important that a Leisure Battery is fitted to your caravan; these are specially designed for caravan use and prevent damage to your caravan’s transformer from running an electrical power supply direct from a mains electrical hook-up. Broadly the higher the size in amphrs the longer it will last – if your caravan has a motor mover fitted then we recommend a larger size – say 110amphrs. Most new batteries carry a two year warranty.
  • Mains (240v) lead – all NEW caravans are supplied with a mains lead. Use only a lead specifically designed for this purpose, we recommend a 20-25 metre lead.
  • Fresh & Waste water containers – most caravanners now use the wheeled containers such as ‘Aquaroll’ (fresh water) and ‘Wastemaster’ or equivalent. Remember the larger the capacity the less filling/emptying you will have to do!
  • Entrance step – all NEW caravans are supplied with one, usually only the single, plastic type – you may wish to purchase something more robust!
  • Toilet chemicals – two chemicals are required, an additive for the waste holding tank to neutralise the waste and prevent smells (usually blue or green in colour) plus an additive for the flushing water to help cleanse and disinfect and also to lubricate the seals in the toilet (usually pink).
  • Security – most insurers will now ask about your caravan security and some insist on some form of security device, particularly if you are purchasing a twin-axle caravan. Security devices range from hitch locks, wheel clamps and alarms to tracking devices. We can offer advice if required.
  • Awnings – not essential but they can provide valuable additional living space. Please ask us for further advice as the choice is vast!
  • Motorised Caravan Movers – again, not an essential but many people find them a valuable addition, they certainly make life easier! There are several options, please ask us for more information

Insuring your new caravan

Buying a caravan represents a significant investment and insurance is an important consideration. Whilst we cannot recommend specific insurers there are many specialist companies who will advise you on the correct level of cover for your caravan, all offer FREE quotations, on-line services and instant cover.